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My name is Tyler Andrew Mitchell and I was born in Baltimore, Md. in November of 1979. Ever since an early age I have know that I was to be an artist. My work has been exhibited as early as my elementary school years and by my senior year in high school I had been recognized as one of the two Maryland Distinguished Scholars for the Fine Arts in the state of Maryland.


I went on to study painting at Savannah College of Art and Design were I received my B.F.A in 2002. While in school I discovered that my passions did not stop with painting and drawing. I developed a love for the hands on artistic process in general and explored many other ways of expressing myself and my creative vision. This gave rise to sculpting, woodworking and eventually photography took a firm hold of my artistic output.


My love for producing simple, bold compositions through color, light, and subject matter went hand in hand with the broader field of design. So I went on to study Graphic Design and received my certificate from the Anne Arundel Community College in 2015.


I completely submerse myself in my artistic endeavors everyday of my life. I am in constant motion of creating new work, expounding upon older bodies of work and traveling my path as an artist. This isn't always clear to me, but the journey is always new, invigorating, and rewarding. I catalog what I see, feel, and experience to help shape the direction of my future work. By exhibiting my work as much as possible I want to bring the joy of my life to as many people as I can. I believe that through love, passion, and art we can make this already beautiful world so much richer. I am here to try and shed some light on how much beauty this world and this life have to offer.


                                                                                                  I hope you enjoy my work!


                                                                                                                       Tyler Mitchell

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