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The pricing for my work and services will vary depending on the medium, edition size, and   on a per project basis. I strive to price my work at a fair and competitive price for the buyer but to also maintain the value that I feel my work deserves for the collector. I want my work to live in the real world of homes, businesses and public spaces, not just in my imagination.




I limit all my photographic prints to editions. The sizes of these limited editions do vary depending on how and what they are printed on, their size, which body of work they are included in, and what exhibition they have been in or will be featured in. They range from small batches to larger editions.

I print on a wide assortment of papers and materials as well as mount images with a variety of techniques. All come hand signed and numbered and prints will come with a bleed area that is signed and numbered. The body of work and or exhibition will dictate the size of the work, but most prints will come in various sizes.

For any and all price inquires, questions on availability, or ideas you have contact me here



All my paintings and drawings are original, one of a kind works, and priced as such. In most cases limited edition prints can also be purchased. I do work on a variety of surfaces and custom work and commissions are available upon request. Originals are signed and prints will be signed and numbered.

For price requests of past and present work, availability, questions concerning upcoming exhibitions, and any ideas on commissions feel free to make contact with me here.

You can also check out my blog for  ideas I'm hatching for new bodies of work and some of my processes and details here.


I offer a multitude of design services for your personal or business needs. Web design, print, packaging and apparel, I strive to do it all. I love to work in collaboration with you to bring your ideas and visions to life. Let's bring dreams alive and help create a more beautiful world. Contact me here with your ideas and lets get started!

  sculpture, woodworking, fabrication, installation

I have always had a passion for making things with my hands. If I want something I try to build it myself. I have extensive experience in the world of construction, custom fabrication, and installation. I love working on projects of any scale from conceptualization to finish and working with clients to help their own projects and ideas come into this world. All my work is hand made with love and one of a kind. Pricing is on a per piece and per project basis. Contact me here for further details!

I always seem to keep a mental and photographic journal of sorts when working on new projects. I enjoy the new processes that come with the territory as well as the setbacks and challenges that inevitably arise with the creative process. You can see the same steps I take on some of my projects right here.

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